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Achieving excellence in education and the highest standard in quality care


Promote an environment where play is valued and the primary mode of learning


Provide the physical and emotional security needed for each child to develop a sense of independence


Encourage children to develop skills in making choice and decisions and to accept responsibility

Welcome To Our Family

Here at ABG, we are a family and we work as a team to accomplish our goals and together commemorate our achievements

Our center is focused around the idea that giving time, encouragement, and gentle direction for children who are eager to grow. ABG Provider Services Child Care Center was publicly recognized by the Mayor and Members of the City Council of the City of Greensboro, NC for the dedication, commitment, and exceptional work as being the first Daycare to implement Anti-Bullying strategies in their learning sessions towards bullying to help transform many lives. We create an environment of honesty, safety, and trust by communicating openly and genuinely with one another and acknowledging the opinions of those with whom we work.


To provide a safe and healthy nurturing learning environment in order to stimulate and enhance children’s developmental and social and emotional needs.


ABG believe young children’s education should be developmentally appropriate. As educators it is our duty to provide a curriculum that address the child’s development in the following areas: social, emotional, physical and cognitive.


My goal is to support children’s desire to be life- long learners.

Infant &
1 Years Old

Ages 2 to 3

NC Pre-K
Age 4

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School Age

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After School

Parent's Reviews

Felicia B.
Felicia B.
Status: Verified & Active
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ABG is a center that care for your children at the level of 100% which have a track record of 5 stars ⭐️ what more should I say?❤️
Lexie Deane
Lexie Deane
Status: Verified & Active
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Great kind thurough trustworthy people I would never send my kids anywhere else even if i move hours away they teach children life skills and start at an early age every time my baby comes home she knows a new word or song or a new way to express herself I don't trust many people with my baby but the staff at ABG I have full confidence in!!!
Charmaine J
Charmaine J
Status: Verified & Active
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Love them! My daughter loves it.