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Recognize that children are best understood and supported in the context of family, culture, community, and society


Provide the physical and emotional security needed for each child to develop a sense of independence


Achieving excellence in education and the highest standard in quality care


Promote an environment where play is valued and the primary mode of learning

Toshika Pratt

Toshika Pratt

Owner and Director

Hello, My name is Toshika Pratt Owner and Director of ABG Provider Services Child Care Center. I started ABG Provider Services in my home as a Family Child Care Center in 2008. I’m married to Dontreice and have three beautiful children Andrea, Breonna, and George who are the inspiration to the name ABG. I have been in childcare for 15 years and love everything about my career.

My personal belief is that as an early childhood educator, my primary focus and obligation to young children is to provide a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, healthy, secure, caring, trusting and warm for each individual child. My responsibility as an educator is to ensure that children will have the necessary and appropriate ingredients that children need in order to become strong, healthy, productive citizens in society.


To provide a safe and healthy nurturing learning environment in order to stimulate and enhance children’s developmental and social and emotional needs.


My goal is to support children’s desire to be life- long learners.


ABG believe young children’s education should be developmentally appropriate. As educators it is our duty to provide a curriculum that address the child’s development in the following areas: social, emotional, physical and cognitive.

ABG Staff will always commit themselves to providing a safe, healthy learning environment that give children the opportunity to learn, work and play together. We believe that for young children play should be an important learning vehicle during their early childhood years. Children’s health, nutrition and safety are important to their overall development and learning. Intellectual development can only precede when children’s basic needs are met and when they are educated and cared for in a setting that supports their well-being.

Meet Our Amazing Director


Breonna Liles

Director of NC Pre-K

My name is Breonna Liles, and I am the Director of NC Pre-Kindergarten at ABG Provider Services Childcare Center. I am a proud graduate of North Carolina Central University where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology.

I also took Early Childhood Education courses at Guilford Technical Community College and became a certified Level III Administrator. I’m a wife and a mother to two beautiful daughters, Aubree and Brielle. I’m the daughter of our owner Toshika Pratt and the middle child of two siblings. I’ve been apart of ABG Provider Services since the year of 2008. I served as a volunteer, a teacher, and now a director and I love every part of my career. I enjoy seeing bright little smiles and ensuring that our children are always in a safe and nurturing environment!